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Now, more than ever, it is important to schedule Back to School Visits ASAP! As always my goal is to keep your children healthy, happy and thriving because we CARE.

Back to School during COVID-19

The good news for parents in Gwinnett County is that schools plan to reopen for this upcoming school year.

Similar to previous years, schools will be focused on confirming the vaccine status of all children and will be requiring that your child is up to date with all required vaccines. 

Parents of course are extremely concerned about their children’s health and wellbeing.

With this in mind it is therefore extremely important that parents schedule a ‘back to school’ visit in the office so their children are prepared and ready to to return to school safely.

What does a Back to School visit include?

We want our children to be prepared and ready to start school without any fear or anxiety, and ready to engage in learning.

The other important focus will be a discussion with families on the key points to maintain wellness for their children, and the entire family.

All back to school visits will include a discussion on diet, exercise, sleep and prevention strategies for Covid-19..

Schedule as soon as possible!

To avoid crowded conditions in the office, parents should schedule appointments now or as soon as possible.

This will allow for an organized approach to returning to school. This will also be beneficial for preparing children for re-entering a school environment.

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