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Breastfeeding offers babies and mothers several advantages, but it's not always an easy task to conquer. At C.A.R.E. Pediatrics, Dr. Ruddock-Solomon offers women in the Gwinnett County , Fulton County and surrounding Atlanta, GA areas,the guidance they need to successfully breastfeed with breastfeeding consultation appointments designed to be instructional as well as supportive from their office in Johns Creek and Duluth, GA.

Breastfeeding Consultation Q & A

What is a breastfeeding consultation?

A breastfeeding consultation is designed to provide support and guidance to women who are interested in nursing their children, either instead of using a bottle or in addition to bottle feeding. Many women – especially those who have not breastfed in the past – can find the experience a little difficult to master. Often, these difficulties lead to abandoning breastfeeding altogether. Breastfeeding consultations and lactation support can help women overcome problems and learn how to breastfeed successfully.

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

Multiple studies have linked breastfeeding with a host of benefits. In addition to helping to form a close bond between mother and child, children who are breastfed also tend to have stronger immune systems, which means they're less likely to develop diseases during childhood and also as adults. Mothers who breastfeed typically find it easier to lose weight gained during pregnancy, and they have lower risks for breast, ovarian and uterine cancers, as well as a lower risk of developing osteoporosis later in life. And of course, breastfeeding is also less costly than formula.

How does a breast pump work?

A breast pump helps women express the milk from their breasts so it can be bottled and provided to infants and children when the mother is away or when breasts are too sore or tender to nurse. Breast pumps use a soft cup that fits snugly over the nipple portion of the breast and a motor that provide gentle suction to draw the milk from the nipple. Some pumps are manual and do not use a motor. Like nursing, using a breast pump takes a little practice to learn how to use it properly. Information about breast pumps can be provided during your consultation appointment. For more information about breastfeeding consultations or issue, you could be experiencing, contact the office to schedule an appointment with the doctor.

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