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Being overweight or obese can take a significant toll on the health, growth and development of a child. At C.A.R.E. Pediatrics in Johns Creek and Duluth, GA, Dr. Ruddock-Solomon helps children maintain a healthy weight with nutritional counseling, helping children from Gwinnett County, Fulton County and Atlanta's surrounding areas in enjoy better health at every stage of development.

Overweight/Nutrition Counseling Q & A

What problems are associated with childhood obesity?

Childhood obesity has risen to alarming proportions in the U.S. and has been associated with an array of medical problems, including:

  • diabetes
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • sleep problems
  • liver and gallbladder diseases
  • joint problems
  • chronic back pain

Plus, children who are obese are less able to participate in activities and sports that can help them adapt better socially, and they are more likely to become isolated and depressed as a result.

How can I tell if my child is at an unhealthy weight?

The best way to determine if a child is overweight or obese is to schedule an office visit so the child can be evaluated. While body mass index (BMI) – the ratio of height to weight – can be helpful in determining if some children are overweight or obese, the results can be misleading, especially if the child is in a rapid growth phase. In those instances, additional evaluations can be performed.

What is nutritional counseling?

Nutritional counseling is a carefully-constructed program of care that identifies nutritional deficiencies in a child while also developing an eating plan that focuses on healthy choices. Counseling can also help pinpoint the triggers that may be causing a child to overeat as well as factors that may be contributing to an unhealthy diet.

Is nutritional counseling different from dieting?

Yes. Nutritional counseling is a much more customized approach to weight management, focusing on the evolving nutritional needs of the child as he or she grows and develops as well as the child's food preferences, lifestyle habits, and triggers that can cause overeating or poor food choices. Counseling also includes an educational component that helps children feel more in control of their eating habits and their health so they can become active participants in their own health and wellness, leading to better compliance with a healthy eating plan and exercise program.

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