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Noelle Ruddock-Solomon, MD

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Well child checkups provide vital information about a child's health, growth and development. Dr. Ruddock-Solomon located in Johns Creek and Duluth, GA, provides comprehensive exams and evaluations to proactively help children from Gwinnett County, Fulton County and areas around Atlanta, GA, enjoy optimal health and wellness as they grow.

Well Child Checkup Q & A

What happens in a pediatric Well Check-up?

Pediatric well check-ups begin with a patient history that includes medical information for the child and his or her immediate relatives. Weight, height and blood pressure will be measured and recorded and compared with information from previous visits to keep track of the child's development. A stethoscope will be used to listen to the heart and lungs, and the ears, eyes, and throat will also be visually examined. Reflexes may be evaluated, and the belly, neck, and joints may be gently felt to check for signs of swelling or tenderness. Recommended vaccines may be provided based on government recommendations and school requirements, and health screenings may also be recommended in some cases.

How often should my child have a check-up?

Children should be seen once each year for a routine check-up to ensure their growth and development are on track and to look for early signs of diseases or conditions that require care and management. Annual check-ups also provide an ongoing record of a child's health to make it easier to identify subtle changes that could indicate a disease or another problem is present. Plus, annual well-visits ensure children receive the health screenings and vaccines they need to stay healthy and strong as they develop.

My child had a check-up in school. Is a check-up still necessary?

While a school check-up can be an important tool for identifying some issues, such as spinal curvature or vision problems, in-school health exams are no substitute for an annual exam with a pediatrician. Office exams are much more comprehensive than school physicals, evaluating children for a much broader array of issues while also keeping close watch over their growth and development.

What is a sports physical?

Sports physicals use proper evaluation to determine if a child is healthy enough to participate in specific sports. In addition, a sports physical can look for signs of underlying conditions that could make sports participation dangerous or might require special accommodations to enable the child to fully take part.

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